What is LaserShip and how to Track my Order?


Introduction: LaserShip is a prominent regional last-mile shipping company that has been serving the East and Midwest regions of the United States since its establishment in 1986.With its vast network of distribution centers and sorting locations, LaserShip is an essential part of the delivery chain, ensuring packages reach their final destinations efficiently.  A Leading Last-Mile … Read more

How to Obtain Operating Authority for Your Trucking Business

Introduction Starting a trucking business is an exciting endeavor that offers the potential for significant rewards. However, the journey begins with understanding and completing the process of obtaining operating authority—a crucial step in establishing a legitimate and compliant operation. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of obtaining your MC (Motor … Read more

How Independent Truck Dispatchers Get Paid

How independent truck dispatchers get paid

Introduction: In the world of business, it’s essential to understand the systems and processes that drive success. In the trucking industry, businesses operate within a complex system known as the supply chain. Independent truck dispatchers play a crucial role in this system, connecting carriers, brokers, and manufacturers to ensure the efficient transportation of goods. In … Read more

How to Access Load Boards(With or without MC as a trucker or dispatcher)

Load board access

Introduction: In today’s blog post, we will discuss how independent freight dispatchers can access load boards without an MC number. While there are several resources available on this topic, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide that covers how brokers, carriers, and dispatchers can access load boards. By using a visual approach and breaking down the process, … Read more

Maximizing Detention Pay and Layover Pay for Truckers

Introduction: In the trucking industry, detention pay and layover pay are essential elements that owner-operators and truckers should be aware of. When dispatchers and truck drivers book loads, they rarely inquire about detention pay or layover pay. I hope to clarify these crucial points in this blog post, highlighting the importance of knowing your rights … Read more